Spider Halloween Shirt

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Buy yourself a spider Halloween shirt, so everyone in the room knows you are ready for the party. Don't know what to choose? Let's check our list to find!

Spider Halloween Shirt
Spider Halloween Shirt

8 Best Spider Halloween Shirt Ideas To Buy 

You may hate spiders year-round, but still choose them to decorate your house for Halloween. Once you see them everywhere, it means that October is coming near.  So, why don't you pick a spider Halloween shirt this year? If you have no idea, we will help. Please scroll down to discover our collection. 

Spider Halloween Shirt Ideas 

Spiders are mainly associated with Halloween because of their relationship with witches. In medieval times, people believed that spiders were the wicked companions of witches. When it's time for Halloween, you see spiders everywhere. People dress in spider costumes and decorate their houses with these animals. Hence, we have many ideas for spider Halloween shirts too. 

Creepy spider

You're Scary Too Spiders look scary in real life. So it's easy to understand why the designers bring the same impression to their design.  The Tarantula in black and white of this item makes it horrifying. The quote under the spider seems more creepy: Maybe I think you're scary too.  Where Are You Hiding If you like the previous design idea, you will like this item as it delivers the same feeling. Yet, it's somehow less terrifying.  We love the vivid orange hue of the design. It complements the white spider in the center so well. But if you prefer colors, check the left section to see how they look.  

Cute spider

Spider Lover The witch's companion doesn't always evoke an intimidating sense. Sometimes, you can find cute items, like this shirt.  The lovely black spider in the design is carrying an orange heart. The cuteness doubles if you look closely at its face. Do you feel that it's trying to kiss you?     Hanging Spider This item is the best choice for those who love simplicity and cuteness. It only features two colors and a little hanging spider on the left side. But believe us; you have enough for this Halloween.  Spiders are not scary anymore if you see them in this image. It's just a black spot with big eyes, hanging around your shirt when extruding from its web.   

Spider web

Happy Halloween If you don't like spiders, choose an item that highlights its web instead. You will have the same impression without looking at the evil Tarantula.  This spider web bling shirt can win the hearts of every girl who wants to sparkle and stand out in the dark. Turn off the light to shine in your way.  Custom Spider Customization is popular these days because it allows people to create their own stuff. Many of your local stores or online retailers offer this service.  This custom spider shirt has half of a spider and half of its web, leaving some space in between to enter your text. It can be your name or your favorite slogan.  Try to keep it short as you don't want to text to overwhelm this design. 

Spider boo

Boo Halloween Raglan Boo and spiders make a perfect couple, preparing everything you need for a spooky hangout. If you can't imagine how they work together, check this item.  The best thing about the Boo Halloween shirt is the spiders crawling around "BOO." You will hardly find such a unique and interesting item like it.   Spider Boo If you prefer basic things, choose this spider Boo design instead. It only uses two basic colors but still delivers the right concept for your Halloween celebration.  The best thing is that you have more than ten colors to select from. If a black and white combination is too cliche for you, go for something cooler, like military green or raspberry. Thanks to the simple design, any of them won't make a mess. 

DIY Ideas For A Spider Halloween Shirt 

Aside from customization, you can also have a unique spider Halloween shirt by making it on your own.  We will share an easy idea to add spider web to your old shirt. It's simpler than creating a spider; everybody can follow the guide.  You need these tools and materials for this DIY project:
  • A plain shirt
  • String or yarn in a contrasting color
  • Chalk
  • Thread or yarn
  • Sewing machine
  • Roll hem foot
After gathering what you need, please follow these tips: 
  • Give your shirt a thorough press with an iron. If you are working with a wrinkle-free shirt, it will be so much smoother and faster. 
  • Draw a spider web pattern on your shirt with the tailor's chalk. You may draw it anywhere you wish, but we prefer how asymmetrical it looks in the lower corner of the front side.
  • Start by drawing straight lines and cross each other in the middle. Then, add shorter, curved lines to connect those straight lines.
  • Add the detail by sewing it on once you're pleased with the sketch. A roll hem foot can help you with this. 
  • Thread the end of yarn through the foot to begin. Place the yarn with the end facing away from you and behind the sewing machine.
  • Simply place your shirt beneath the sewing foot with the yarn fixed within the hem foot, and sew slowly. 
  • Avoid overstretching fine jersey shirts while sewing since doing so will cause the cloth to distort. Make sure you pass the fabric through the sewing machine with plenty of slack to avoid this problem. 
  • Sew the web line by line, gradually forming the pattern. Trim the extra yarn with care as you end each line of the pattern. 


A spider Halloween shirt can transform your appearance depending on which style you want it to be. Feel free to search for your favorite from our recommended list.  Hopefully, you can pick the best shirt to join the party. Please comment in the section if you need more items to choose from. We will give you more than you may expect. Thank you for reading!