Retro Halloween Shirt

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If you are a big fan of vintage themes, you will want a charming retro Halloween shirt to join the party. Let us help you pick the best one and nail it! 

Retro Halloween Shirt
Retro Halloween Shirt

Retro Halloween Shirt And Everything You Need For An Impressive Item 

Vintage is a trend. Consider a retro Halloween shirt if you don't know what to wear for this Halloween. It will make you stand out while sticking to the theme.  Below, we have some ideas for you to get the fitting shirt. You can also learn some tips to make a vintage top for your outfit. Let's read on! 

How To Have A Retro Halloween Shirt? 

Retro Halloween shirts are popular due to the vintage trend. You can get your favorite item in two ways:

Buy from a store

Your local shops and online retailers offer tons of choices. We recommend the following shirts as they are the most well-liked options.  Creep It Real This item looks old because it tries to establish a vintage feel. We still have orange touches as Halloween vibes, but they aren't vivid like other modern designs. Howdy Pumpkin The Howdy Pumpkin shirt shares the same idea as the previous item. The dark gray background adds up to the retro impression.  HalloweenTown 1998 This shirt evokes the image of Halloween years ago. We have a spooky castle surrounded by creepy ghosts and pumpkins. Horror movie fans will grab this item without any hesitation.  Dancing Skeleton If you don't like horrifying celebrations, go for cute concepts. We highly recommend this funny retro shirt for the party. 

Order a customized shirt

Some shops encourage their customers to be creative with their outfits. Hence, you can order a stunning and unique retro Halloween shirt. 

Tips To Make A Retro Halloween Shirt 

Among millions of Halloween shirt designs, the retro one has a distinctive vibe that you can distinguish straight away. Here are some tips for choosing and making such a shirt.  

Color choices

Traveling back in time, you may notice that shirts from the 80s or earlier were mostly in rich yet basic colors. Black, orange, blue, red, and green dominated to add depth to the fabric.  You may preserve the design's authenticity by sticking with the basic hues. With more than 16 million color options, we guarantee you'll find the best match.

Washed and worn

Retro shirts look old, as the name implies. You can either select a worn-out fabric or make it worn on purpose.  Suppose you have a shirt and want it to be retro. Luckily, there are several ways to transform it. 
  • Tear the shirt
Nothing ages a fabric more quickly than rips and tears, especially if you have a denim shirt.  Pinch a little bit of the shirt between your thumb and finger. You ought to have a fabric loop at the end. Cut off the loop's end with scissors. You'll have a tiny hole in your clothing after that.  Rip the hems to highlight the point more. Make a tiny hole in your shirt's bottom hem with scissors or a razor blade. Try to stick to the hem's line. Then, while holding the hem, separate the two halves. The result will be a frayed rim.
  • Use a sandpaper
Sandpaper may do magic to give your shirt a ragged look, depending on the fabric's texture. If you want to make a vintage shirt within seconds, this practical and simple method will be what you need.  Using abrasive materials on fabric requires some caution. You risk sliding straight through the clothing and out the other side if you rub too forcefully. 
  • Apply acetone
On shirts with printed designs, this option works brilliantly. You must, though, take caution. Sometimes, the graphic's hues may spread rather than fade, especially if you're wearing a white garment. Mix acetone and water. Put on your rubber gloves and put your shirt into the mixture. Then, swish it for a couple of minutes with the wooden tongs. If you worry about color running, only work with the areas with graphic designs. Give your shirt 12 to 48 hours to settle in the mixture. During the soaking time, try to check the result continuously and stir it thoroughly. Finally, rinse your shirt and wash it as usual. 
  • Use table salt 
Don't want to buy tons of ingredients just to wear your shirt out? Try this method as it calls for what you already have in your kitchen.  Add table salt to a bucket of water to make a salt bath. Then, put your shirt in there. Make sure the mixture covers your garment completely.  Give the garment three days to soak. Dry your newly-aged shirt as usual when the three days are over.
  • Use coffee and tea
Brew some coffee or tea, then let it cool. You can decide how powerful the beverage should be. Please note that a stronger mix gives your shirt a darker effect. If you have a light-colored garment, use a weak solution.  Put your garment in the coffee or tea bucket to soak it. Depending on the level of vintage tone you want, leave for one to two days. Wait for the fabric to dry so the mix can attach to it easier. Once it's dry, wash it as usual.  Bleaching can also be a good idea for this purpose.

Graphics and fonts

You may prefer to stay with the traditional fonts and designs found on Halloween. However, we have discovered some new graphics and fonts that would look fantastic with an old-school style. 


Have you found your favorite retro Halloween shirt? If you don't want to buy any, consider making your own item using our shared tips.  Halloween is a great time to put all your imaginative ideas into practice. So what are you waiting for? Sketch your plan and make it real. Don't forget to share it with us. We are so eager to hear from you. Thank you for reading!